RE: [htdig] HTTPS Indexing

Subject: RE: [htdig] HTTPS Indexing
From: Kincaid, Sean (Contractor) (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 08:10:15 PST

I was having the same problem, starting from when I added the SSL patch
(ssl.2). Not having had any experience with openssl, this posed a problem
for me. Luckily a coworker showed me some code he wrote, and suggested I
put in some error checking and add some other code. It came up with some
error about something not being seeded, I believe. I think what fixed it,
was adding to htlib/
#include <rand.h>
const char* EGD_SOCKET_PATH = "/path/to/my/egd.socket";
and under Connection::initSSL() and Connection::connect(int allow_EINTR):

I also added some other code to force RAND_egd to only be called once,
because with the error checking code, I was finding ,with the exception
of perhaps the first time it was called, that RAND_egd was failing every
time it was called.

I know egd.socket is a named socket, and prngd.socket could be used in it's
place, and I think they are created by daemons, but other than that, I don't
know anything about these strange files.

Hope this helps.

Sean Kincaid

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From: Jason Scharlach []
Sent: Friday, December 01, 2000 11:11 AM
Subject: [htdig] HTTPS Indexing

I'm attempting to index a secure web site but am running into some
difficulties. I've applied the ssl.3 patch to htdig (3.1.5) and
recompiled and openssl (0.9.6) has been installed also. When I
attempted to index the site with './htdig -i -vvvv' I get the following

> ./htdig -i -vvvv
URL: 1:0:
New server:, 443
Unable to build connection with
pick:, # servers = 1

The server running on that host is Netscape Enterprise with a 128 bit
secure certificate from verisign installed.

  Any ideas or help would be greatly appriciated.

  Jason Scharlach

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