[htdig] query syntax and searching for exact meta

Subject: [htdig] query syntax and searching for exact meta
From: Vladimir Tomasovic (vladimir.tomasovic@foobar.sk)
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 15:48:06 PST


i could not find documentation for syntax of the query to htsearch. is there
any? please, send me link! (htdig has got so many options, and it's hard to
guess right syntax from different options, for example it's hard to find,
that i could search from "foo*" or whether i can use altavista styled +
and -).

another important thing is: can i restrict search for certain meta tags? for
example the query would be: "author:john". i've found option
keyword_meta_tag_names, but i'm not sure whether it's right one and how to
use it.

could you please answer?
(i'm new to htdig, and i'm currently making choice between using htdig,
mnogoSerach (formerly known as udmSearch) and swish-e.)

thanks in advance,
    Vladimir Tomasovic

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