Re: [htdig] 3.20b2 -- "oddity"

Subject: Re: [htdig] 3.20b2 -- "oddity"
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 15:03:31 PST

According to
> I tried to do htsearch, using the following .conf file:
> site_id: 10009
> include: /www/vhosts/a/
> database_dir: /www/vhosts/a/
> /sngl/data
> database_base: ${database_dir}/dt_${site_id}
> Point of interest is that, within the included file, values of
> database_dir/base were
> database_dir: /www/vhosts/a/
> sngl/data
> # this way for htdig
> database_base: ${database_dir}/dt_${site_id}
> Wanted data was in the " . . . u-wrk . . " node.
> Initial search found wanted data. Second search (for 11th, etc, result),
> however, tried to obtain data from the "u-dvl" (and failed due to not there).
> Changed "u-dvl" to u-wrk, in the included file, and all worked as intended
> (did, btw, verify that SAME config file was being used at all points).
> Seems as if override of database_base should either happen, or not happen,
> consistently.

There were two bugs in 3.2.0b2, which are fixed in the 3.2.0b3 development
snapshots, which would have worked together to cause the behaviour you
observed. The first was that on followup pages for a given search, the
"config=" parameter got doubled up, causing the configuration to be read
twice. The second was that the stack that tracks includes got messed up
after the first main config file was read, so when extra config parameters
were handled, includes in these additional config files weren't handled
properly causing the parser to stop reading right after the include.

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