Re: [htdig] problems building htdig on cygwin

Subject: Re: [htdig] problems building htdig on cygwin
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 12:55:13 PST

According to Geoff Hutchison:
> At 10:03 AM -0800 11/26/00, Joe R. Jah wrote:
> >There is a chance that stubs.h would also require other heather file(s),
> >and those files require yet other files ... ad infinitum;( ;)))
> >
> >In short, don't hold your breath.
> And I have said already if someone can find me a strptime replacement
> for the systems that don't have it (e.g. BSDI and cygwin evidently),
> I'll use it instead.
> Until then, you are correct, I don't know of a way of resolving it.
> (And as you say, including other header files might continue ad
> infinitum, which seems silly to me.)

Remind me again, what was the problem with the strptime replacement
in 3.1.5? I know there was a y2k bug, which I fixed almost 2 years ago,
but was there anything else? If it was because it left other fields
uninitialised, then I think we solved that too, didn't we?

All this nonsense about finding a langinfo.h for strptime, and then
finding an nl_types.h for langinfo.h, ad infinitum, is beyond silly.
Here's why: no one has stopped to question why these headers are needed
in the first place. These are all for NLS support, which is precisely
what we DO NOT want in htdig!

The locale support in htdig deliberately sets LC_TIME handling back to the
"C" locale specifically to avoid having the time in Last-Modified headers
and other headers parsed under the rules of other locales. We don't want
this! So why are we fighting to crowbar an NLS-ready strptime into the
distribution when we had one that worked without all the extra baggage?

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