Re: [htdig] different search results

Subject: Re: [htdig] different search results
From: David Adams (
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 08:11:40 PST

Gilles R. Detillieux wrote:
> According to gkalter:
> > Hope this mailing-list is the right one..;-)
> >
> > Today I got htdig to work pretty well on a site containing many
> > PDF-Files.
> >
> > Cobalt Raq2 micorserver (mips) with RedHat based Linux
> >
> > After updating the C++ Compiler (see mailing list) I got rid of the
> > segmenatition
> > error messages and htdig worked well.
> >
> > Cryptic outputs of the search form were solved by adding a ".cgi"
> > extension to htsearch
> > in the local cgi-bin folder. Solution also found in the list - thanks to
> > all those helpful people!
> I think the FAQ also has some pointers on getting the CGI to work.
> > Because I wanted to get direct links to single PDF Pages out of the
> > found excerpts I got
> > the script for external parsing of PDF-Files. (Do I have to
> > mention that python
> > IS NOT installed on Cobalt Raqs?) O.K. this problem could also be
> > solved.
> It would also be a fairly trivial change to the perl scripts
> or to make it replace form feeds in pdftotext output with
> the correct HTML <a name="..."> tags for the anchors. You'd then be
> using an external converter, rather than an external parser, and possibly
> avoiding parser-related problems.
> > Now everything works pretty good with one little exception.
> >
> > Using a complete search string e.g. "Sensor" lists all matching
> > documents and the text contains
> > the search word (bold typeface) with a link to the specific single Page
> > of the found PDF file.
> > (Great!)

I think I may be missing something here, perhaps somebody can explain
for me. Am I right in thinking that the whole and only point of this is
to produce, in the lists produced by htsearch, excerpts from the first
page of .PDF documents containing a search word?

Or does one really get a link which when followed brings up the .PDF
document open at the relevant page? If so, that would be quite something,
especially if it worked for a range of browsers. What would be the correct
HTML <a name="..."> tags for the anchors?

David Adams
Computing Services
University of Southampton

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