[htdig] [off topic] -- how to reset STDOUT Assignment

Subject: [htdig] [off topic] -- how to reset STDOUT Assignment
From: Sphboc@aol.com
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 21:48:02 PST

Have a Perl Script which invokes execution of htdig and htmerge. Similar
purpose to rundig, but use of shell scripts, in the specific environment, is
not practicable.

I want to direct the STDOUT, from htdig/htmerge, to disk files. open
(STDOUT,">diskfile"), followed by system commands to execute ht(dig/merge),
send the STDOUT to the disk file.

Trouble is, I can't re-assign STDOUT to its original value.

open (STDOUT,">-") appears to lose the output entirely.

If I close one disk file, and open another, any subsequent SYSOUT does go to
the new disk file.

I strongly suspect that some form of "dev/xxxx" is needed; how can I find the
value (under Linux 6.1).

Steven P Haver/602-242-9708

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