Re: [htdig] Additional variables for htsearch

Subject: Re: [htdig] Additional variables for htsearch
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 13:36:22 PST

According to Oliver Hoogvliet:
> The following line show my "long.html"-file:
> 4 <BR><FONT FACE="arial, helvetica,geneva" SIZE="-4">$(MODIFIED)
> ???</FONT><BR>
> At line 4 you can see three ???. At this place I would like to have one
> of two alternative messages: (a) News (b) Stories.
> Is there any possibility to get these alternatives with htdig by using
> any META-Tag? Can this additional information be used to produce an
> output by htsearch (i.e. with an user-defined variable)?
> If not, is there any alternative solution for that?

The template_patterns attribute allows selection of different template
files based on patterns the the URLs of the documents, but there's no
corresponding method of selecting based on the content of any meta tag.
I can't think of an approach that wouldn't require extensive changes to
the code to implement what you want, unless you can make an URL-based
approach work.

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