Re: [htdig] Redirection of Htdig output -- 3.20b2

Subject: Re: [htdig] Redirection of Htdig output -- 3.20b2
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 09:43:54 PST

According to
> Following line of Perl code is intended to run htdig, and send STDOUT to
> /htdig3.2b2/autoshop-online._htdig.log;
> system
> "/htdig3.2b2/bin/htdig","-svic","/htdig3.2b2/sngl/conf/autoshop-online.conf","
> >",
> "/htdig3.2b2/autoshop-online._htdig.log";
> The execution of Htdig produces valid content in STDOUT, but it goes to
> STDOUT itself (as opposed to the specified file). Best I can tell, from
> review of Perl (5.005_03) documentation, syntax of above command is valid.

While I'm no Perl expert, I've never seen "system" used in this way. I think

  system("/htdig3.2b2/bin/htdig -svic /htdig3.2b2/sngl/conf/autoshop-online.conf > /htdig3.2b2/autoshop-online._htdig.log");

will do what you want. The string just gets passed to the shell for
parsing, as far as I know, so you use standard sh/ksh/bash syntax in
the string. Perhaps in the syntax you used, the ">" got passed literally
as argument 3 to the htdig program.

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