[htdig] Re: htdig-problem

Subject: [htdig] Re: htdig-problem
From: Gilles Detillieux (grdetil@scrc.umanitoba.ca)
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 08:56:56 PST

According to Ulrich.Rebmann@dsv-gruppe.de:
> Hi Gilles,
> first of all - sorry abour my englisch, it could be better.
> I saw your different answers in the FAQ-Site of HTDIG. It really pleased me
> verry.
> I have a problem with HTDIG an i think, that you are able to help me soon.

It seems you missed question 1.16 in the FAQ. These sorts of problems
are best dealt with on the mailing list.

> I have an index.html-site in my search-machine to display data:
> ---------------------from here-------------
> <dl><dt><strong><span class="ueberschrift">
> <a href="$(URL)" title="external:$(URL)">$(TITLE)
> </a></span></strong>&nbsp;<span class="hormal">
> ($(PERCENT)&nbsp;%)
> </span>
> </dt><dd>
> <span class="hormal">$(EXCERPT)</span>
> <br>
> <font size=-1><i>
> <span class="normal">
> <a href="$(URL)" title="external:$(URL)">$(URL)</a>
> </span></i></font><BR>
> <font size=-2>
> $(MODIFIED), $(SIZE) bytes</font>
> </dd></dl>
> -------til here-------------------
> As you see, there is the TITLE displayed on the site.
> Now i want to display the information of the META-Tag-content instead of the
> I saw in the FAQ's that it will be some variables like
> use_meta_description: true
> or
> description_meta_tag_names: titlehtdig
> bit i don't know how to use these things in the right way. According to this i
> saw, that you should change something in the HTSEARCH.CC
> What's that - i'm fully disappointed about these tihings.
> Could you help me?

I'm not sure what you mean by meta tag content. There can be any
number of differently named meta tags in a document, but you didn't
specify which one. If you mean the meta description tag (e.g. <meta
name="description" content="...">), then the use of this tag in search
results is enabled by the use_meta_description attribute, but its content
replaces the document excerpt, not the title.

There is no description_meta_tag_names attribute in htdig, though.
I think you're confusing it with keywords_meta_tag_names, which can be
used to tell htdig which meta tags contain keywords to index. These
configuration attributes are set in your htdig.conf file.

If I understand your request correctly, you'd like to have htdig
collect meta tags like <meta name="titlehtdig" content="My document
title"> and use these in place of the actual document title contained
within the <title> and </title> tags. If so, then it's probably not
htsearch.cc that you'd need to change. At the very least, you'd need
to change htdig/HTML.cc to collect these meta tags. Then you'd have to
decide whether you want them to override the real document titles while
indexing, or if you'd prefer to have this selectable at search time.
The latter case would be more difficult, as you'd need to change the
database to handle both title fields, and add a configuration attribute
to htsearch to select which of the two title fields should be displayed.

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