[htdig] 3.2b2 -- include:, config_dir

Subject: [htdig] 3.2b2 -- include:, config_dir
From: Sphboc@aol.com
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 13:27:54 PST

Documentation of these is less than entirely clear.

As to "include:", what is the implied path:
    A. That of the conf file in which it appears?, or
    B. That of the module which is reading the conf file?

Appears that (A) is the real situation; true (at least as to modules
delivered with the htdig distribution)?

As to "config_dir", exactly when does the specification become effective?
Real ambiguity arises when the same .conf file includes both a "config_dir:"
statement, and one or more "include:" statements.

Steven P Haver/602-242-9708

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