Re: [htdig] Additional variables for htsearch

Subject: Re: [htdig] Additional variables for htsearch
From: Oliver Hoogvliet (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 12:53:14 PST

Geoff Hutchison wrote:
> At 7:32 AM -0500 11/14/00, wrote:
> >I have a similar interest. Appears that any environment variable, if set
> >prior to invoking htsearch, is retained and can be used in output templates.
> Yes, all environment variables (i.e. CGI environment variables) are
> available to htsearch.
> At 12:16 PM +0100 11/14/00, Oliver Hoogvliet wrote:
> >as I saw in the htsearch reference there are several standard variables
> >to use in template files for htsearch. I would like to use more
> >entry-specific variables that can be parsed by htsearch. Are there any
> >options or possibilities for htdig and htsearch to save additional
> >information which can be read out later with self-defined variables?
> It's probably a bit more than you want, but you can also use the
> allow_in_form attribute with your user-defined variable names. (The
> default being set in the conf file).
> <>
> Cheers,
Hello again,
thanks for the first information. Unfortunatley I couldn't use it for my
problem. I wil luse an example:

The following line show my "long.html"-file:
2 <TR>
3 <TD><FONT FACE="arial, helvetica,geneva"
4 <BR><FONT FACE="arial, helvetica,geneva" SIZE="-4">$(MODIFIED)
5 </TD></TR>
6 <TR><TD><FONT SIZE="-1" FACE="arial, helvetica,geneva">$(EXCERPT)
7 <P align="right">Der vollst&auml;ndige <A
8 </FONT>
9 </TD></TR>
10 </TABLE>
At line 4 you can see three ???. At this place I would like to have one
of two alternative messages: (a) News (b) Stories.

Is there any possibility to get these alternatives with htdig by using
any META-Tag? Can this additional information be used to produce an
output by htsearch (i.e. with an user-defined variable)?

If not, is there any alternative solution for that?

For your assistance I am very grateful.

Oliver Hoogvliet

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