Re: [htdig] htdig and MSWord

Subject: Re: [htdig] htdig and MSWord
From: David Adams (
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 05:07:06 PST

> Hello,
> I operate with htdig since a short time and have now the following
> question:
> If it is possible
> to search the content of MSWORD
> documents (Version 6.0, 7.0, WinWord 2000) using HTDIG?
> or if there is another search mechanism
> which could do it??
> Markus Fabritius
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Yes, using an external parser, specified by an


statement in the configuration file.

On the htdig web site click on "Contributed work" and then "External Parsers".
You should use either or, they are both Perl scripts
which call various utility programs to do the actual conversion. Do not
use the old parse_doc script. gives you a choice of either wp2html (very cheap commercial
product) or catdoc (public domain) to convert Word files.

David Adams
Computing Services
University of Southampton

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