[htdig] Multiple hits on the same page & 'and' problem

Subject: [htdig] Multiple hits on the same page & 'and' problem
From: Dhammika Gunawardena (dhammika@cbq.com.qa)
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 11:45:19 PST


I have 2 problems.

This is an example of my first problem.

I have the following contents on the same page:

some text about dog

good dog
some text about good dog

Now if I search for dog, only the first part appears in the search result.
The results do not show that this page contains something about "good dog".
I want my search results to show the same URL twice, one for "dog" and one
for "good dog".

My second problem is related to 'and'
Suppose my page has something like this:

man - human

good man - good human

I search for "good man" , my results show the first part. I want it to
display all matches.

Please tell me how to configure htdig for these.

Thanks you in advance.

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