RE: [htdig] How to exclude part of a html page ?

Subject: RE: [htdig] How to exclude part of a html page ?
From: Davis, Iain E. (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 08:58:47 PST

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> Subject: Re: [htdig] How to exclude part of a html page ?
> At 11:38 AM +0100 11/13/00, raphael hoffner wrote:
> >My html page is in two part : the navigation (link in the site) and
> >the content, each are in a table
> >I search how I can exclude the table who content the navigation
> See <>

At first glance, I thought this would solve my difficulty with indexing the
navigation menu on my site as well. However, this causes it to not follow
links in the indicated area as well as not indexing the text so it indexed
only the first page and stopped... Not really what I wanted! (on the
upside, the database was smaller! ;)

I guess I could achieve what I want by doing something like:

<a href="..."><!-- htdig_noindex-->PageName<!-- /htdig_noindex--></a> for
each link on the navigation bar...but that seems rather clunky to me. :)

Is there a way to not index the text, but still have it follow the links?

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