Re: [htdig] star do not appear ... [MORE]

Subject: Re: [htdig] star do not appear ... [MORE]
From: Michael Rhodes (
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 03:11:07 PST

In the /usr/local/apache/htdig/common directory or
  wherever your /htdig/common directory is there are
two files, header.html and wrapper.html. Edit the files
and change the /htdig/star.gif to /star.gif - If your
star.gif images are in the httpd server root which
normally is /htdocs with apache. The files need to be
copied to the /htdocs directory. If you have a /htdocs/images
directory copy them there and the common files modified
to show /images/star.gif.

The images will be then found based on http://...../

However if you are using a personal directory such as
referenced as http://..../~yourname then the star files
need to be copied to your public_html directory and
the common files referenced modified to show
http://..../~yourname/star.gif. This is assuming the
server is configured to allow personal home pages.

At 11:07 8/11/2000 +0000, Marcos wrote:
>after finding some urls it shows some stars from <img
>src="/htdig/star.gif" alt="*">
>but i want to change it to <img src="http://......./star.gif"..>
>how can i do that?
>thanks in advance,

   Michael Rhodes

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