Re: [htdig] Probs. with netscape

Subject: Re: [htdig] Probs. with netscape
From: Chris Tubutis (
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 16:25:12 PST

On 6 Nov, Michael Caplan wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently installed htdig. It is working great when used
> via Internet Explorer, but when I use Netscape to issue a
> query, i get a blank screen. Reading through the FAQ and
> the mailing list archive, I came across info on the problems
> with using the "restrict" field in the search form with a
> value of "". I have modified my restrict field to not
> include any blanks, but still no luck. Also, the FAQ
> mentions that the netscape bug should result in the no
> matches page being displayed. What gets returned with a
> netscape query is nothing.

Have you by chance modified the HTML that makes up the output of an
htdig query? The reason I ask is, Netscape has had a long-standing
"feature" wherein nothing will be rendered/displayed if your HTML code
is missing an end-table (</table>) tag where there should be one. Could
this be what's wrong? Try submitting a query to htdig and wait for
"nothing" to come back. View the source to the "empty" page. If I'm
understanding your problem correctly, I kinda suspect the answer to it
will be evident somewhere near the bottom of the code....


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