[htdig] Probs. with netscape

Subject: [htdig] Probs. with netscape
From: Michael Caplan (grrrl@tao.ca)
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 16:09:02 PST


I recently installed htdig. It is working great when used
via Internet Explorer, but when I use Netscape to issue a
query, i get a blank screen. Reading through the FAQ and
the mailing list archive, I came across info on the problems
with using the "restrict" field in the search form with a
value of "". I have modified my restrict field to not
include any blanks, but still no luck. Also, the FAQ
mentions that the netscape bug should result in the no
matches page being displayed. What gets returned with a
netscape query is nothing.

Has anyone dealt with this problem? You can see my search
page at http://flag.blackened.net/ise/search/

Thank you,

Michael Caplan

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