[htdig] TODO request: NT4/Win32 installation version/support

Subject: [htdig] TODO request: NT4/Win32 installation version/support
From: Stein, Thomas (AGLW) (Thomas.Stein@fao.org)
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 09:31:24 PST

Dear Geoff, dear Developers and ht://Dig Group,

For the start I want to mention that ht://Dig is my favorite under the
search and indexing programs and that I really appreciate your work done on
this (even you might have heard this already many times before) !

I have installed and updated ht://Dig various times starting in 1998 on an
AIX machine (University), shifting to RedHat Linux (University) and finally
a test version on my NT machine with my current employer early this year.
The shift to my current employer caused some problems for me as I am not
supposed no use any other operating systems than the MS ones :-( ...

Thanks to Stephane Baudet, Jim Kerslake and others some work has been done
to assist people stuck with WIN32 machines. Still I think that there is
great demand to get a good "WIN32-all-in-a-package Version " including the
usual installation and configuration tools someone is expecting coming from
the windows user side. It would be great if we could put that wish on the
wishing list/TODO list.

Thanks a lot.



 Dr.Thomas-M. Stein
 Email : thomas.stein@fao.org
 List Owner: IRRIGATION-L@listserv.gmd.de

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