Re: [htdig] No matches...

Subject: Re: [htdig] No matches...
From: Michael Rhodes (
Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 03:09:57 PST

Make sure your htdig.conf has a line in like this:

database_dir: /usr/local/htdig/db
Replace the /usr/local/htdig/db path to the correct path
of your index files.

Check the sizes of your index files db.xx , if they are very
small (few hundred bytes) then it did not index the site
properly. Should probably have file sizes of several
thousand bytes.

I also found problems with indexing if I did not include:
case_sensitive: true
Especially if it is a unix server using upper/lower case
in directory/file names.

Since I am a newbie with HtDig (set up two server
sites in one day) these suggestions may be obvious.

I just ran a test and set my start_url to
and my db.docdb is more then100k and db.wordlist
is approaching 300k. Located on the other side of the
world, takes a long time to index a remote site so these
are just intermediate sizes cause I'm stopping the indexing now.

At 11:31 3/11/2000 +0100, Jean Tiberghien wrote:
>Hello Friends
>We tried to set up "htdig" on an Apache server.
>After some tuning, htdig compiled OK, as well as installing and configuring.
>Then I ran /usr/local/apache/bin/rundig to build up the search database.
>(for instance searching <>
>But Everytime, when I try <http://>http://>/htdig/search.html
>it always returns "No matches were found", whatever the words submitted.
>It looks like the "htsearch" CGI, in /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/htsearch
>is not looking in the right place ...May be I missed one point.

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