Re: [htdig] I don't want to show URLs

Subject: Re: [htdig] I don't want to show URLs
From: Peter Peltonen (
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 09:20:58 PST

Gilles Detillieux wrote:
> According to Peter Peltonen:
> > I'm running htdig-3.1.5-0glibc21 installed from an RPM in a RH 6.2 server
> > box.

Thanks for your reply,

> You can actally just uncomment the template_map definition in your
> /etc/htdig/htdig.conf, and then edit the /var/lib/htdig/common/long.html
> result template. I have to wonder how you got your results to go into

I edited /var/lib/htdig/common/long.html and made it look like this:

<dl><dt><strong><a href="$&(URL)">$&(TITLE)</a></strong>$(STARSLEFT)

<!-- don't show url

<i><a href="$&(URL)">$&(URL)</a></i>


<font size="-1">$(MODIFIED), $(SIZE) bytes</font>

But that didn't help at all -- my page still looks the same, the URL is

In my config file reads:

# template_map: Long long ${common_dir}/long.html \
# Short short ${common_dir}/short.html
# template_name: long

search_results_header: /var/lib/htdig/common/
search_results_footer: /var/lib/htdig/common/
nothing_found_file: /var/lib/htdig/common/

> table form without doing just that, unless you merely put the table
> definitions in the header.html and footer.html and let all the results
> go into a single cell of the table.

That's what I've done, yes. Was that an incorrect way of doing things?

The templates thing is a bit confusing for me... I read the documentation
from the web page but didn't quite understand what they are (are the header
and footer files part of the template or not? why use a bunch of small html
files instead of one big html file with the template attributes?).

And what is the template map? This looks a bit cryptic for me:

                     Short short ${common_dir}/short.html \
                     Normal normal builtin-long \
                     Detailed detail ${common_dir}/detail.html

It's all probably very easy and my brain just isn't working right :)


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