[htdig] Reindexing, customization

Subject: [htdig] Reindexing, customization
From: Mathias (mathias@shackingup.com)
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 21:22:39 PST

Hi guys (and girls),
I am probably the thousandth person to ask...but anyway couldnt get the answer f´rom the site or at least still doesnt work as I want.
1. Customization: changed the conf. file, uploaded it in ascii mode and I do not get any more the default pages that came with the programm after putting my pages in the common directory. On the other hand I still do not see my pages (main difference so far bgcolor determined by ext. stylesheet, removal of some <hr> tags).
2. How do I reindex the site? As we are only developing the site files are not in the main www. directory but some subdirectory. Changed the start url in the conf. file and went on indexing with the same result as before only that the shown location in the result page (if any) is the subdirectoy but without any changes about the search result e.g. istead of "word X found in www/main" it shows "word X found in www/subdirectory/main". There should be a totally different result.
I really, really would apreciate if somebody can get me on the right way by telling me where the problem is, directing me to a site or just referring me to somebody who experienced similar problems. By the way I apreciate it as well if you TELL me that you are NOT helping me.

All the best,


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