[htdig] 3.2.0b2 -- installation problems.

Subject: [htdig] 3.2.0b2 -- installation problems.
From: Sphboc@aol.com
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 13:02:33 PST

Attempting to install this on a Linux 6.2 system. decompress/configure/make
went normally, except that I had to specify "nozlib" to get configure to

Trying to execute.
Appears that htdig is operating as it should, except that it comes out with a

WordDB: not compiled with libz, compression not available


Trouble is, it is not outputting a wordlist.db file, which htmerge presumably
requires (at least, it sure did in 3.1.5; which I've previously
installed/implemented/have running). Altho Htmerge claims to be running, it
fails to produce a db.words.db file. (and htsearch complains of file's

Steven P Haver/602-242-9708

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