Re: [htdig] spell check - python wrapper script

Subject: Re: [htdig] spell check - python wrapper script
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 07:59:51 PST

(sorry, didn't copy the list before)

Thanks for the dictionary building script! It does build a dicitonary of the
words, but I'm having trouble getting one-off hints in some cases. I'll have
to track down what quirk of sed, ispell, munchlist, or buildhash is at work!

For example, with the default english dictionary, ispell seems to give good
hints for proper names (i.e. 'Geurge' gives the hint 'George'). This doesn't
seem to happen with the generated dictionary for some of our proper names.
Likewise with product names (a sanitized example, 'CiberDog" doesn't yield
'CyberDog'), as prehaps it should).

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