RE: [htdig] Changing httpd.conf

Subject: RE: [htdig] Changing httpd.conf
From: Titus L. Fortner (
Date: Sat Oct 28 2000 - 19:10:23 PDT

> What errors are you getting? Have you checked your web server's
> error_log files?

I do not have access to the error logs, so I only know a server 500 error.

> Are you running htsearch from a cgi-bin directory (i.e.
> ScriptAlias'ed directory)? are other scripts able to run from the same
> directory?

Yes, it is in a subdirectory of the cgi-bin. I'm running perl scripts just
fine out of the cgi-bin, just not htsearch.

> Something you can try is create a .htaccess file in the
> directory where your htsearch resides and add the following:
> <Files htsesarch>
> SetHandler cgi-script
> </Files>

I created a file, named it .htaccess and put those 3 lines on it and it
didn't work. If I'm missing some crucial element to creating .htaccess
files, please let me know.

> It seems that this is more an Apache config. problem than a htdig
> problem.

Oh, it most definitely is, I was just hoping that someone else who has had
this problem could step me through the solution better than what is
described in the FAQ.



LTjg Titus L. Fortner, USN

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