[htdig] Valid Punctiation Question

Subject: [htdig] Valid Punctiation Question
From: Reich, Stefan (Stefan.Reich@dgn-service.de)
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 07:02:35 PDT

I have a strange problem with htdig, which I think may be caused by the
valid punctiation mechanism.

In my document I have a Datestring like 1998-10-05
I set valid punctuation to -

Now searching for 1998 1998-10 1998-10-05 199810 19981005 all lead to the
same result. But I only want 19981005 and 1998-10-05 to hit the document.
Why do I find the document, if I search for 1998 althoug 1998 as a single
word appears nowhere in the page?

Is this a bug, a feature or did I get something wrong?



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