[htdig] available variables returned by htdig+creating site map

Subject: [htdig] available variables returned by htdig+creating site map
From: Oguz Altun (oguz@planet.net.tr)
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 11:02:53 PDT

I am a newbie to htdig. So I have more than one questions. Hope you can bear

1- I read the php-htdig tutorial in devshed.com and found useful. There
writer uses variables $(URL) $(TITLE) $(EXCERP) and $(PERCENT) to get info
from the results. I couldn't find the list of such variables in the htdig
website. Can you send me a pointer to those pages?

2- Some of the pages in my site uses frames. Htdig returns (I think) both
the main page and the frames in results. I want to see just the main pages?

3- In the tutorial in devshed they write that htdig can be used to create a
site map dynamically. Where can I get more info on this?

Htdig is cool. Thanks.

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