Re: [htdig] Including Pull-Down Menu Pages

Subject: Re: [htdig] Including Pull-Down Menu Pages
From: Douglas Kline (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 10:13:19 PDT

> I don't think you quite understand the magnitude of your request.
> Have you looked at all the other search engines?

I pointed out a potentially serious disadvantage of the search engine. I
requested nothing.

> Can you name me
> *any* which can indeed do that?

No. I haven't spend the inordinate amount of time required to evaluate all the
many search engines available. We've already installed ht-Dig and are trying
to optimize our use of it

> I have been testing search engines
> for a year and have yet to find one which can deal with JavaScript
> links, including the ones which cost thousands of dollars. One
> search service ( will deal with raw Flash files. I do keep
> mentioning this issue to my colleagues who write search engines, but
> without luck so far.

So I mentioned it on this list. What's your problem?

> Blaming the ht://Dig Group that is just silly. It's open source --
> if you think it should be done, you can always do it yourself.

I didn't blame anybody. I pointed out a desideratum. What you do about it is
another issue. This if-you-want-it-done-do-it-yourself idea is itself rather
silly in my opinion. It would mean fully understanding the extensive workings
of the ht-Dig code and the intricacies of all the contingencies with which it
has to deal which essentially would put me in the business of single-handedly
writing a search engine, not a decision one would arbitrarily make if one had
anything else to do for the next few months.

Douglas Kline

> PS generating a list of the
> At 4:24 PM -0400 10/20/2000, Douglas Kline wrote:
> >I think that the inability of the search engine to find pages referenced
> >through the menu bar and not by hyper-links is a significant
> >disadvantage. Web
> >programmers who employ these menu bars may not know that they won't be
> >traversed by search engines and may not think about it and use
> ><LINK> tags even
> >if they know. Whoever maintains the search engine may not know either. Eve
> >if they know or find out eventually, actually installing <LINK> tags for all
> >pages referenced through menu bars and not through hyperlinks might be quite
> >difficult and even making sure that all Web programmers are aware of the nee
> >for <LINK> tags for future use would be problematic.

Douglas Kline

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