[htdig] More "no server running"

Subject: [htdig] More "no server running"
From: GregHolmes@aol.com
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 09:46:24 PDT

Using a proxy doesn't help.
Disabling the IsDead() stuff doesn't help.

I still get "no server running" after htdig fails to retrieve one document.
There is an "unable to build connection" message, then "no server running for
every subsequent document.

Looking at the main digging loop, I am having some trouble figuring out what
is going on. Does server->pop() return null if the server fails to respond
for one document? It looks like if that happens, more will never be set back
to 1. Is that why one retrieval failure ruins the whole rest of the dig?

Below is a snippet of the output of htdig:

----cut here -----
doc2html: http://hqweb/techcomm/human_resources/assets/loma.pdf TEXT PDF
(7560) size = 23242
doc2html: http://hqweb/techcomm/human_resources/assets/industry.pdf TEXT PDF
(7784) size = 23415
Unable to build connection with hqweb:80
 no server running
2942:4779:1:http://hqweb/techcomm/human_resources/assets/personalday.pdf: no
server running
2943:4780:1:http://hqweb/techcomm/human_resources/assets/w4.pdf: no server
2944:4781:1:http://hqweb/techcomm/human_resources/assets/arizona.pdf: no
server running
2945:4782:1:http://hqweb/techcomm/human_resources/assets/louisiana.pdf: no
server running
2946:4783:1:http://hqweb/techcomm/human_resources/assets/arkansas.pdf: no
server running
2947:4784:1:http://hqweb/techcomm/human_resources/assets/maine.pdf: no
server running
2948:4785:1:http://hqweb/techcomm/human_resources/assets/w4ca.pdf: no server
2949:4786:1:http://hqweb/techcomm/human_resources/assets/w4mi.pdf: no server
2950:4787:1:http://hqweb/techcomm/human_resources/assets/connecticut.pdf: no
server running

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