[htdig] Incomplete Search Results

Subject: [htdig] Incomplete Search Results
From: ravi (ravi@indialive.net)
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 06:11:31 PDT

Hello to all of you Friends!!

   I am having a search problem on my site. I have "htdig-3.1.5"
installed on my site. The problem arose when I shifted my site to a new
web server running MySQL 3.23, PHP4.02 on Apache web server 1.36. The
old server was running on MySQL 3.21 with PHP 3.0 on Apache server.

   For testing purpose, I checked the search results for a word on my
old server. The output was 55 matched results by htdig. However after
installing and copying all the config files of htdig on to the new
server, the same search word resulted in just 13 results as compared to
55 results on the old server. All the content pages have been verbatim
copied on the new server. But still after repeated indexing of the site
through rundig, I simply get very less results.

Can anybody tell me what am I required to do or missing something in the
process of transfer/configuring of config files of htdig-3.1.5

I shall be highly obliged.

With Regards

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