Re: [htdig] "No server running" redeaux

Subject: Re: [htdig] "No server running" redeaux
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 08:41:45 PDT

According to
> Manipulating server_wait_time and timeout seems to have little or no effect;
> I still get "unable to build connection" at some random point, and every
> single document after that has "no server running".
> I just don't believe that a connection problem at document 300 means that no
> successful retrieval can occur from there until document 3000+ (i.e. until
> the end). We don't have long outages like that. I can browse to pages as I
> watch the tailed output say "no server running" repeatedly. Somehow, htdig
> is just giving up. How can I get it to retry requests (or at least skip the
> balky document and try for the next one) rather than giving up?

Actually, this was a requested feature! In older versions, htdig would
keep trying the same server for document after document, which slowed it
to a crawl when a server was down for a while. This feature allows it
to move on to other servers, skipping a server it's already found to be
down. More often than not, when a server is down for one document, it
will be down for the next one too. Unfortunately, we didn't build in
a config attribute to turn off this feature, so you're stuck with it
unless you customise the htdig code, either in or in
Server.h. It's a pretty easy fix - just change either module not to
set, or not to use, the IsDead() method. The easiest fix would be to
change this line in Server.h:

        int IsDead() {return _bad_server;}

to this:

        int IsDead() {return 0;}

You'd also have to make a corresponding change to, not to use
the _bad_server variable either.

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