[htdig] HTMERGE doesn't remove URL

Subject: [htdig] HTMERGE doesn't remove URL
From: Reich, Stefan (Stefan.Reich@dgn-service.de)
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 07:24:39 PDT

Good Afternoon all,

I'm just setting up a multiple database scenario for htdig 3.1.5.

Each site get's its own database. In addition I want to merge all the
databases into one collection database.

So far ererything works. Now I encountered the following problem:

If pages are removed from a site, the documents get removed from the
corresponding slave database, but the htmerge leaves them in the collection

I don't want to rebuild the collection from scratch each time I merge an
updated slave in (if I do so, everything works fine).

So should the merging also remove URLs and if yes, any idea what could be
wrong in my config?

These are the steps I do:

htdig -a -c slave
htmerge -a -s -c slave
--> stats tells me document is removed
htmerge -a -s -m slave -c collect
--> stats tells me document is not removed
cd /collect
cp db.docdb.work db.docdb
cp db.docs.index.work db.docs.index
cp db.words.db.work db.words.db

Any hints are appreciated



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