[htdig] Some indexing problems

Subject: [htdig] Some indexing problems
From: Pascal Robert (pascal@team.inter.net)
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 09:07:48 PDT

Hello list,

we are moving our Web site from NT to Unix (Solaris 2.7 machine) and
we need a search engine, so I think that ht://dig IS the solution. I
installed it and tried to index our site (in two indexes, one for
english the other for french).


The problem is that htdig only index the first page, it don't follow
links. Most of the links are in DHTML code and the header is in an
another file who is called by a SSI directive. So my question is:
does ht://dig can follow links in DHTML and does it can "see" the
include directive ?

BTW: my installation is working fine with an another Web site
(www.mlink.net) that don't have DHTML.



+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ Pascal Robert Inter.NET Canada

mailto:pascal@team.inter.net http://www.ca.inter.net/


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