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Subject: [htdig] subcsribe
From: crosstar (crosstar@nationalist.org)
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 13:14:39 PDT

The Nationalist Movement
PO Box 2000
Learned MS 39154
(601) 885-2288
BBS: http://www.nationalist.org/cgi-bin/BBS/bbs_entrance.cgi
Chat Room: http://www.nationalist.org/cgi-bin/Chat/chat.cgi
Crosstarlist: http://www.nationalist.org/docs/resources/list.html
Directory: https://icarus.safe-order.net/cgi-nationalist/web_store/web_store.cgi
E-mail: mailto:crosstar@nationalist.org
Home Page: http://www.nationalist.org
Hotline: (601) Free Tip
ICQ: 5429992
Newsgroup: alt.national
Views not necessarily those of The Nationalist Movement
2000 by The Nationalist Movement


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