[htdig] Problem with integrating php and htdig

Subject: [htdig] Problem with integrating php and htdig
From: Nick Seacroft (nick.seacroft@articon-integralis.com)
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 07:00:05 PDT

        A search engine is installed and working. The search needs to be run
from php. php4 is installed and working on the server. A blank page is
displayed instead of search results. Below is the code in results.php. Is
there something missing? Do we need a $format entry? Is the exec line

$HTSEARCH_PROG = "/home/httpd/INSuk/search/htdig.sh";
$words = EscapeShellCmd(UrlEncode($search));
$config = "insuk";
$query = "config=$config&format=$format&words=$words";
$command="$HTSEARCH_PROG \"$query\"";

Thanks in advance!

Nick Seacroft

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