[htdig] Local digging files without extension

Subject: [htdig] Local digging files without extension
From: Marcel Hicking (hicking@du.gtn.com)
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 05:48:28 PDT


I'm trying to dig local files using a generated start_url
list and local_url.

The files to index are not accessible via http but since
I'm going to pipe the search results through a wrapper
anyway they won't cause any problems.

So far the start_url/local_url stuff works fine but
htdig -vvv says:
...Trying local files
found existing file /foo/bar
Local retrieval failed, trying HTTP

User righs are alright (I can cat the files ;-)

I suspect the problem to be the missing file
extension and the therefore unkown mimetype.

Any chance of setting some sort of default mimetype?
Any other workaround?


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