Re: [htdig] Want BOTH meta description and context excerpt

Subject: Re: [htdig] Want BOTH meta description and context excerpt
Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 08:51:06 PDT

That worked perfectly! I added that line where you said, did "make" in the
htsearch subdirectory, tested out the new executable and had the new variable
at my disposal! Thanks very much.

I wish my company would open their minds more to open source. Ironically,
they just decided to forgo a search engine on their intERnet site because "it
would cost 100,000-300,000" (the internet site is actually much smaller than
the intranet). I'll have to drop a sarcastic comment about the dreadful
'lack of support' for free software ('why it took almost 2 hours for the
developer to fix my problem ...' ;)

Now I'll go figure out how to do if-then stuff in the result pages ....

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