[htdig] Help, the engine broke

Subject: [htdig] Help, the engine broke
From: patti (patti@frommarti.com)
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 08:19:24 PDT

We have htDig installed on our site, http://www.frommarti.com.

This is my boss's Web site. My role is to create and upload content. The
site was designed by a fellow graphic design student who was thrilled to
find htDig and even happier when it worked. Neither of us are

htDig doesn't work any more. The other student is out of the picture.
I need to solve this problem.

I went to Mindspring, our ISP, who sent me to several htDig pages...
which make little sense to me... I'm up with basic HTML, but that's
about it. They gave me a list of four directories and files that htDig
creates upon installation, and I don't know where they are. I have had
trouble accessing parts of the htDig site, but that may because I went
on a Sunday and the server might have been down. I don't understand
this stuff well enough; I am thinking there was a certain number of
pages when Gail installed htDig and I added millions more (about 75) and
thought it would be a matter of updating a directory somewhere, but I
can't figure out where the directory would be in the first place...

And I know those mystery files will have to be removed if I remove the
search engine from the site...

Can you tell me (step by step?) how to reconfigure htDig so it works
again, or what I have to do to take it off the site? My boss wants to
run the site at a trade shown in a few weeks, so the search feature
would be great. Regardless, I need to do something soon.

Thanks for your help.


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