RE: [htdig] Distributions (was Red Hat 7.0 RPMS?)

Subject: RE: [htdig] Distributions (was Red Hat 7.0 RPMS?)
From: Wayne Larmon (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 19:15:17 PDT

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> Subject: RE: [htdig] Distributions (was Red Hat 7.0 RPMS?)
> On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Wayne Larmon wrote:
> > Is it possible for the ht://Dig team to work with the major distribution
> > producers, like Red Hat and Mandrake, so that ht://Dig would be
> included on
> > the distribution CD? I'm always disappointed when I don't
> find ht://Dig on
> > the distribution CD.
> That's pretty much out of our hands. As I understand it, SuSE and Debian
> include it in all distributions, and I believe a few smaller ones do as
> well.
> I would assume "significant customer demand" would probably convince other
> distributions to consider such things. Remember CDs are a fixed size, so
> even a small package like ht://Dig has to take the place of something
> else.

Hmm. I just did a little research. I see that Red Hat *does* distribute
ht://Dig, but on their "Power Tools" CD which "is included only in the
Deluxe Workstation and Professional Server products." (Or can be downloaded
from a mirror site as an ISO image.) It isn't on the first two install CDs,
which is what you get with the basic $29.95 retail version of Red Hat. (I
installed from CDs that were burned from downloaded ISO images of the first
two install CDs. I haven't downloaded the "Power Tools" ISO yet, because
the Red Hat mirrors are still sluggish.)

I also noted that Mandrake apparently uses ht://Dig as the search engine on
the Linux-Mandrake site, ( and that this
seems to indicate that ht://Dig *is* distributed with Mandrake 7.1. But I
just checked my two Mandrake 7.1 install CDs (that were burned from
downloaded ISO images) and couldn't find it. Maybe it is on one of the
extra CDs that you get when you buy the retail version of Mandrake.

Wayne Larmon

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