[htdig] Problems with Polish Fonts in htdig

Subject: [htdig] Problems with Polish Fonts in htdig
From: Lukasz Nowak (lkn@pik-pok.slam.katowice.pl)
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 05:56:20 PDT


I've got problem with polish fonts while running htdig - it generates
wordlist, where words containing polish fonts encoded in ISO-8859-2 are
splited into 2, eg. word miekko [where e is "eu"] is treated as two words
"mi" and "kko". Is there anyway to fix it?

Tested on systems: Debian oody [with binary htdig], Debian woody [compiled
src], OpenBSD 2.7 [compiled src].

Settings which I've tried:

locale: pl_PL

LC_MESSAGES = pl_PL.ISO_8859-2
LC_CTYPE = pl_PL.ISO_8859-2
LANG = pl_PL.ISO_8859-2



PS. This is a little urgent for me, I'm sitting on this from 2 weeks :(
PS2. Sorry for my english...

Lukasz Nowak (c) Shufla, http://pik-pok.slam.katowice.pl/~lkn/
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