Re: [htdig] Re: 3.1.5 strange freeze problem (fwd)

Subject: Re: [htdig] Re: 3.1.5 strange freeze problem (fwd)
From: Peter L. Peres (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 17:12:06 PDT


No, it was not swapping much just then but it is swapping a LOT when it
runs. I have 32 MB RAM and 150 MB swap (on several disks). The swap space
gets used up to 80-90 MB at times (when running X11 concurrently, with
surprising performance under the circumstances, and load >2.4 ;-). Of
course I was not doing that at the time.

No, the machine seemed to be somewhat frozen. It sat there apprently doing
nothing for hours (overnight) with load at 1.5 or higher. I think it's a
bug. When I reduce the size of the input then I get completion in ~3
hours. I expect the full shebang to complete in max. 8 hours, but this
program has been run for 14 hours and did not finish. The symptoms are
always the same.

Would there be some way to trace the program more closely and see what it
does ? Any pointers ? The code seems to be part of the C++ class
destructor but I am not sure.

PS: I'm on the list now, no need to CC.


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