[htdig] Installing htdig 3.1.5 on BSDI 4.1

Subject: [htdig] Installing htdig 3.1.5 on BSDI 4.1
From: by way of Geoff Hutchison (dave@dbtech.net)
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 18:52:02 PDT

This may have already been covered, bu the question came up on another list.
Here are my work arounds. I hope they prove helpful.

For what it is worth to everyone, here is what worked for me...

Here is what I did to make htdig 3.1.5 compile under BSDI 4.1:

gmake clean


Make you changes to the CONFIG file:
pico CONFIG (or whatever you favorite editor is)

add the following to htlib/Connection.cc:

#include <arpa/inet.h>
(I put it just above #include <errno.h>)

Comment out line 195 in the same file:
// extern "C" long unsigned int inet_addr(char *);

remove the reference to regex.o from htlib/Makefile.
remove htlib/regex.h

Someone suggested this as well, but I couldn't find any references and it
didn't seem to matter, but just in case:
remove references to htlib/regex.h in htfuzzy/Makefile

gmake depend
gmake install

This at least got it compiled and working (as far as I have tested it)
Your mileage may vary, and if I missed anything, please speak up

Thanks to everyone for various suggestions.

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