[htdig] One htdig for different searches

Subject: [htdig] One htdig for different searches
From: Moritz Profitlich (mprofitlich@muehlheim.de)
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 14:20:29 PDT


at the moment I use htdig for searches in three different domains by using
different indexes. Now I want to make it possible to search only one part of
one index.
The memebers of our community - they all have homepages in a subdirectory of
our domain - should be given the ability to use htdig as a module. Visitors
of their homepage should be able to use htdig on the page to search the
index but only the part that belongs to the members directory. So we did not
have to waste cpu-time and harddisk-space to create hundreds of indexes.
Do you know whether this is possible or not?

Thank you very much
    Moritz Profitlich

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