Re: [htdig] server_aliases

Subject: Re: [htdig] server_aliases
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 10:25:20 PDT

According to Malcolm Austen:
> Thanks Gilles. I'm afraid I had not noticed the replicated server name in
> the example; I read it to deduce the syntax and then assumed that all the
> semantics would be in the text. I think it's worth noting this explicitly
> in the explanatory text.

Yes, I just added a note about that to the 3.2 documentation. I think I'll
migrate it back to the current docs on the web site as well.

> + In 3.1.5, the port numbers are optional. I'll make a note of that for
> + 3.2's documentation.
> Thanks, I'll drop some of my port numbers then. My search of the archives
> found a message stating that the port numbers only become optional in
> version 3.2. Since some people around here like to run public services on
> non-standard port numbers, leaving them out may save me a few
> configuration lines in the future 8-).

The 3.2 development has been ongoing for close to two years now.
Last year, up to the 3.1.5 release in February, I was looking over at
the 3.2 development code and backporting fixes and features that migrated
easily to 3.1, so much of the changes since 3.1.2 have been things that
were supposedly only to come in 3.2.

However, you should note that if the port number is omitted, it defaults
to 80. If you're using non-standard port numbers, you should specify them

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