Re: [htdig] server_aliases

Subject: Re: [htdig] server_aliases
From: Malcolm Austen (
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 02:08:09 PDT

On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, Gilles Detillieux wrote:

+ According to Malcolm Austen:
+ > server_aliases: aaa:80=bbb:80
+ > will it be "aaa" or "bbb" in the database?
+ The mapping goes left to right, so bbb would be the one used in
+ the database, and even when htdig fetches the documents. I thought
+ the example in made it
+ abundantly clear, as it contains two mappings to the same canonical name.
+ It wouldn't make sense to map one name to two different names, would it?

Thanks Gilles. I'm afraid I had not noticed the replicated server name in
the example; I read it to deduce the syntax and then assumed that all the
semantics would be in the text. I think it's worth noting this explicitly
in the explanatory text.

+ In 3.1.5, the port numbers are optional. I'll make a note of that for
+ 3.2's documentation.

Thanks, I'll drop some of my port numbers then. My search of the archives
found a message stating that the port numbers only become optional in
version 3.2. Since some people around here like to run public services on
non-standard port numbers, leaving them out may save me a few
configuration lines in the future 8-).

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