[htdig] puzzled by htdig

Subject: [htdig] puzzled by htdig
From: GYGAX,OTTO (HP-Corvallis,ex1) (otto_gygax@hp.com)
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 14:43:01 PDT

hello folks,

been using htdig for awhile now, mainly on my Mhonarc mail archives.
It worked once I read about setting an html file that would point to the
head of its tree (e.g., http://..../~arch). The tree is in "arch's"
public_html. I put that file at the root of my web server's directory.

Now it won't work. htdig is able to look up other web pages that reside at the
root of the web server but cannot traverse down to the ~arch tree.

I'm getting a "redirect" condition on each of the mailing list URLs, and it

I'm sure this has been discussed and resolved here many times over, but consider

me a beginer on the matter and would appreciate any assistance.



Otto A. Gygax (Otto_Gygax@hp.com)
Digital Publishing Solutions, Software Development
Hewlett-Packard, Corvallis, Oregon
ph: (541)715-9098 / fax: (541)715-4980 / cell: (541)602-3491

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