[htdig] Last modified date revisited - Apache

Subject: [htdig] Last modified date revisited - Apache
From: Roger Weiss (RogerW@trellix.com)
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 11:44:44 PDT

I've done more digging here around my server set-up and found out that our
Apache server has been "hacked", and that's why its not behaving as wanted.
Now, I've got to find out what hack someone put in that prevents the last
modified date from being returned. So, that's my new problem, and I won't be
bothering you folks with my subsequent date problems.
Thank you to all who have sent me helpful emails.

I do have another htdig question I may ask if I can't solve it by day's end,
but its on a different topic (thankfully!).


Roger Weiss
(978) 318-7301

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