[htdig] Analyzer script for access_log

Subject: [htdig] Analyzer script for access_log
From: Charles Nepote (Charles.Nepote@cetelem.fr)
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 01:14:07 PDT

Todd Wallace (twallace@neo.lucidgreen.com) asked :
> Does anyone have a nice analyzer script for the access_log that apache
> produces? Preferably a Perl script.
> Thanks,
> Todd Wallace

I think Analog is a good choice (it is not a perl script).

And may be a better choice than Webalizer as it can give stats on search
words (which Webalizer cannot).
Analog is *highly* powered but it can installed and used in a little
time. By excluding/including some datas from Apache's log, you can build
very precise stats (only centered on a service for example (such as a
search engine...)).
It may be too powered for you, and the documentation is not very clear
Analog is less sexy than Webalizer.

Charles NÚpote.

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