[htdig] MODIFIED date

Subject: [htdig] MODIFIED date
From: Roger Weiss (RogerW@trellix.com)
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 10:01:31 PDT

OK, I'll bite. HOW?

For background:
Before running htdig, I run a perl script which creates an html file that
contains links (in the form of hrefs) to all the index.html files in my
Htdig then starts at this file and follows the links to generate the db.
Is that technique getting in my way at all?
Or do I just need to change a parm in my apache server?

Thanks again,

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Roger Weiss wrote:
> Hi,
> In my search results page, the last modified date is not being displayed.
> We're running on Sun Solaris v2.6 machines.
> The funny thing is that on my test system, the date DOES show up, but the
> same html on my production system does not yield the modifed date.
> The test server is running Java web server, while in prod, we have apache.
> I'm thinking its something environmental, but can't figure out what.
> Any ideas of what we're missing?

Perhaps you're using XSSI, JSP or similar?

If you're serving dynamic content, Apache will not provide you with the
Last_Modified date (which is correct behaviour, btw).

Dynamic pages need to specify their last modification date by themselves
(or leave it blank if truely dynamic).



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