[htdig] problem witn search

Subject: [htdig] problem witn search
From: Sanaa El moutea (selmoutea@onecor.com)
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 12:12:37 PDT

Sorry for disturbing you, but i have a problem:
we are developping an application (jsp) with SQLServer , and we use htdig for indexing documents . htdig don't take into account other criteria of the application . So we want to use htdig for searching by words and an other search in Sqlserver's database by other criteria ) . we have in Sqlserver's database all the documents ( description, date ...)

an idea would be to store htdig's result in a temporary file ( or table) and compare it with the result of Sqlserver's search ( with operator "and" ) .

My question is : is it possible to do it?
How can i acceed to The table of search's matches (of htdig) ? (where can i find APIs in relation with htdig's database )

I hope you can help me . I don't know how to begin that.

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