[htdig] CSS style

Subject: [htdig] CSS style
From: Christian Denat (christian.denat@wanadoo.fr)
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 06:06:08 PDT


I'm currently new user of htdig.
I would like to implement it on the site I administer, ie www.nedit.org.

On our site, we use CSS to have a common look for all pages.

My question is : How (and where) can I add CLASS definitions to the the
result of the search. I know ohw to implement my own header and footer to
suit oeur look, but I just want to add different styles to the output
produced by htsearch.

I'm not a registered user of this list so please do not forget to cc me.

Thanks. And keep up this great work !!

Christian Denat

Christian Denat

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